Silo Lining

UHMW-PE Silo Linings

Gregory’s Linings offer a Slick Solution to Sticky Problems by suppling Factories and Industrial Plants with TIVAR UHMW-PE Silo Linings. A Silo is a structure for storing bulk materials and as such these materials can range from foodstuffs to cement. Each product that can be potentially stored in a silo has different properties. The purpose of the Silo is to hold the material until its needed but this is when the problems can occur if the Silo is without a TIVAR Lining.

A TIVAR UHMW-PE Polymer Lining is designed to solve material flow, abrasion and corrosion problems. Among the properties of our linings are :-

  • Abrasion Resistance
    Outwears and outlasts Steel 6 to 1
  • Chemical Resistance
    Resistant to most industrial acids, alkalis and solvents and will never degrade
  • Low Moisture Absorption
    Will not absorb and moisture from the material
  • Low Coefficient of Frication
    Handles the worst of bulk materials and assists on a smooth and predictable flow
  • Lightweight
    Weighs 1/8th of Steel

On Site Installation Services

Our design and installation team can analyse your bulk handling problems, design and plan an effective solution using TIVAR®. We can then manufacture and install into new handling equipment or alternatively we can install TIVAR® linings into existing bulk handling equipment on-site.

For more information on UHMW-PE and our various applications, contact us on 01724 710712 or 07801 695478, or alternatively use our website Contact Form