UHMW-PE Chute Linings

A Chute is a channel of steel walls which falling materials are guided through in a production plant. Chutes vary in sizes but solely rely on gravity as a way of moving materials from A to B.

Gregory’s Linings offers a UHMW-PE Lining for Chutes to protect the original material, usually steel or aluminium and to improve both the safety and efficiency. Chutes can be used in a wide range of plants and can carry an array of materials. Some of these materials can be food stuffs and are found in places where food hygiene is a top priority. Having a UHMW-PE Chute Lining installed means that due a number of properties which include, 0% absorption, abrasion resistance and self-lubricating result in less time cleaning the chute after each material has been passed through and a reduction in the overall transfer rate. They also result in fewer problems with blockages, and costly shutdowns while the blockage or chute has been cleaned.

TIVAR UHMW-PE Linings improve the handling in

  • Transfer Chutes
  • Space Frame Chutes
  • Feed Chutes
  • Vibratory Chutes
  • Trouser Leg Chute

On Site Installation Services

Our design and installation team can analyse your bulk handling problems, design and plan an effective solution using TIVAR®. We can then manufacture and install new lined handling equipment or alternatively we can install TIVAR® linings into existing bulk handling equipment on-site.

For more information on UHMW-PE and our various applications, contact us on 01724 487150 or 07801 695478, or alternatively use our website Contact Form