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Gregory’s Linings are a family business trading since 1989. Originally started by two brothers, Tom and Keith, we have used our previous experience and knowledge of the industry to setup the company. Later, came the introduction of Tom’s two sons Mark and Stuart, who together with Tom and Keith forged a formidable installation team.

Gregory’s Linings specialise in supplying and installing UHMW-PE or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene to Hoppers, Silos, Bunkers, Chutes, Front Loading Buckets and Trailer Bodies also known as Tippers.  These items all suffer from various problems including Sticking, Abrasion Issues and Excessive Wear Problems. UHMW-PE has a number of properties which combined eliminate most of the common problems within the relevant industries.

With almost 30 years of trading and over 80 years combined experience in the industry we keep going from strength to strength. Trusted by some of the most prominent companies within their industries including Lafarge, Marshalls, Ibstock, and Hanson to name a few, you can see that we have built up a reputation, leading the way within our field, Hence the reasons why our customers keep returning year on year for their Industrial Solutions.

Browse our website for more detailed information on our range of services and read how effective installing a UHMW-PE lining can be. We have also included a fact sheet for each service available for you to download.

If you have any further questions or would like to speak to one of the team about your requirements, feel free to call us on 01724 487150 or 07801 695478. If you prefer to email, you can use our Contact Form and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

UHMW-PE - Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Resistant to Corrosive Chemicals

Low Moisture Absorption

Low Frictions

Self Lubricating

Abrasion Resistant

Impact Resistant

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Providing UHMW-PE Linings  for over 30 Years

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